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color expressionism

text & pictures

is a most general concept of modern art that emphasizes color rather than the formal structure of the picture. The dramatical possibilities of "clean color" to interpret the message is what it is all about. You can find color expressionistic pictures which represent real life more or less true or untrue but also pictures which do not represent anything but themselves as a piece of art in it´s own right.

A special art of color expressionism is spontanism or informal art where a sudden whim or plain random will guide what will take place on the canvas.

nybi.jpg (430000 bytes)
Blue starshot seen through two windows

nybildd.jpg (86000 bytes)
Unexpected meeting

balka.jpg (33000 bytes)
The Art group on the balcony 1, re Manet& Goya

balkb.jpg (32000 bytes)
The Art group on the balcony 2

fruk.jpg (32000 bytes)
The Art Group in the Luncheon on the Grass, re Manet, Raimondi, Rafael & a grave stone 200 AC

marint.jpg (8000 bytes)
Marine night light

utan.jpg (14000 bytes)
Without title

"the most important part of a picture is the title" (Marcel Duchamp)"

strand.jpg (15000 bytes)
Shore of Senoren island

upps.jpg (45000 bytes)
Resurrection dream

clean.jpg (5000 bytes)
clean and clear

hav.jpg (15000 bytes)
The red island

havs.jpg (22000 bytes)
Blue in motion

blain.jpg (25000 bytes)
Broken - blue

rodin.jpg (18000 bytes)
Broken - red

dots.jpg (68000 bytes)

dots3j.jpg (68000 bytes)

rodpl.jpg (34000 bytes)
Ships at the horizon 2

night.jpg (33000 bytes)
Night vision

trapp.jpg (10000 bytes)
Book staircase

wave.jpg (372000 bytes) The big wave

cicle.jpg (29000 bytes)
circular movement

moon.jpg (119000 bytes)
sun storm

wink.jpg (514000 bytes)
A wink at Miro´, carpet of Swedish rya technique

lill.jpg (78000 bytes)
Shore light

hisam.jpg (68000 bytes)
Hi Sam

spontanliten.jpg (48000 bytes)
Colors in motion

contrast.jpg (70000 bytes)
Color contrasts

frags.jpg (110000 bytes)
Fragments of light

redn.jpg (75000 bytes)
Red´n white

hiortro.jpg (108000 bytes)
Sailing at sunset

rand.jpg (823000 bytes)

blam.jpg (884000 bytes)
Blue point

argt.jpg (144000 bytes)
The angry tree


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