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graffiti art

text & pictures

from the begining graffiti is a New York concept with roots of rap and hip hop music, break dance and rasta culture. To day you will find it all over the world.

There is certainly the lucky feeling of painting even in this art but most important is the revenge of the under dog against the establishment, a wish to be provocative, bad and outlaw.

There are mainly three kinds of graffiti, the tag, the NY-school and the political graffiti. The tag came first. It is only a signature on a wall telling the pals I was here. - Important to be seen and to be someone.

The NY-school with large sizes from the sides of the subway cars, bright colors and big fat letters and heavy contour lines has put the standard to the international graffiti.

The political graffiti comes from people with incorrect opinions who cannot get into the public discussion in TV or in the news papers. They represent an underground but still public conversation. You can see their message and feel the wave behind.

When graffiti is emptied of any social or political context it will remain only as one of many styles of the postmodernistic era

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berlin.jpg (61000 bytes)
rom.jpg (55000 bytes)
The Red Brigades, Rome in the 70-ties

kyrk.jpg (14000 bytes)
Refuse banting - Crush fascism. A surrealistic meeting
in an unusual place.

rast.jpg (13000 bytes)
Transformer house in Skoendal - Rasta Warriors
New messages compete here with older ones which still fight for surviving - The word is free for a short time. If you want to know what is going on under the surface of daily life - look at the painted walls.

bast2.jpg (13000 bytes)
Transformer house in Skoendal - "... strike back"
(unidentified voice)

gfiti.jpg (322000 bytes)
lost message

bast3.jpg (13000 bytes)
Subway Stockholm - Blue square on white wall

sma.jpg (15000 bytes)
Graffiti at home - diptych

br1.jpg (28000 bytes)
Just 3 letters without any specific meaning in this picture

br2.jpg (37000 bytes)
Art by destruction

bzg.jpg (37000 bytes)
love forever


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