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synthetic art

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as always there are predecessors, also in this case of synthetic art, but in modern time synthetic art started with Pont-Aven school in the late 1900-centuary. The big idea was to gather all impressions of a motive, often in the plain air, and afterwards sort them out in the studio and only keep the most essential parts.

The color is gathered in separate areas surrounded by black or white contour lines. The pioneers were very interested in complementary colors. Synthetic art is nowadays a part of the main stream of painting

spegl.jpg (836000 bytes)In a mirror

nybildb.jpg (176000 bytes) Landscape

olda.jpg (32000 bytes) The old quay

land.jpg (12000 bytes)
3 landscapes in Skaane

skan.jpg (34000 bytes) Hammars Backar

redboat.jpg (66000 bytes) The red boat

lod.jpg (89000 bytes) Kaaseberga mot Loederups backar

skann.jpg (48000 bytes) Fields in Skaane

vallmo.jpg (56000 bytes) The poppy tree

busioe.jpg (162000 bytes) Fields in Skaane 2

seasca.jpg (12000 bytes) Seascape

mont.jpg (12000 bytes) Montego bay

vitb.jpg (84000 bytes) The white boat

have.jpg (40000 bytes) Haveng

oelan.jpg (8000 bytes) Blue shore

alesilver2.jpg (40000 bytes) Ales stenar

britta.jpg (34000 bytes) Katsloesa 10

utsikt.jpg (17000 bytes) View hill

sovrum.jpg (40000 bytes) South Coast2

ivar.jpg (24000 bytes) Archipelago

havm.jpg (40000 bytes) Oesterlen shore

foenst1.jpg (63000 bytes) In a white bowl

inared.jpg (63000 bytes) In a red pot


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